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On- and Off-the-Road Reliability

Easily Accessible Location

We are a family-owned company always eager to serve business owners in the community. Our spacious 8-acre parking area located right off the thruway can easily accommodate a broad variety of trucks, trailers, and light vehicles.

We Have Everything Right Here

Heavy-duty transport vehicle reliability is of the utmost importance. By making everything easily available here at Johnson Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. in Farmington, NY, we help companies in the trucking industry achieve their business goals.

Emphasis on Cost-Efficiency

Since 2002, we have always been focused on providing personalized service to all our customers.  Furthermore, our technicians and mechanics devote a high degree of commitment by to making the maintenance process always cost-efficient.

Industry Affiliations

Johnson Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. also helps you get connected to a wide variety of vendors with whom you can go to for specific services not within our specializations. Our company is a proud member of the following organizations:

  • NYS Motor Truck Association
  • Truck Maintenance Council
  • American Trucking Association
Call us for truck maintenance schedules! You can reach us at 585-869-3195 anytime.