Summer Lawn Tips

Are you green with envy when looking at your neighbor’s beautiful lawn? Summer lawn care is about maintaining a lawn that can withstand all the barbecues, games, pets, and parties that happen this time of year. Here are a few tips that can help keep it healthy while the temperature rises.


Make sure to water wisely. It is more important to water DEEPLY rather than DAILY. Most lawns need one inch of water a week. This helps strengthen the root system and make them more drought tolerant


It is very important not to cut your grass too low in the summer. It makes it more susceptible to burning the lawn. You should also make sure to change the direction or pattern of how you cut your grass. Doing this combined with sharp blades help your grass stand up straight as you are cutting it, not tearing at it. Finally cut on a regular basis so it does not get too long where then the clippings smother the grass


There are many opinions on this topic. If you fertilize your lawn, please do not over-fertilize and use and organic slow-release product.  This helps your lawn from burning out. In addition, it helps reduce polluting the environment.


If weeds are, present and bothering you, there are many types of organic weed controls out there to address this. Also, be sure to rake the dead grass and leaves that may be piling up, especially if they are wet. Wet leaves can create a fungus issue.

Summer lawn care is not just June through August. If you prepare your lawn in advance of the summer heat, your yard will be able to withhold the stress of summer heat and should thrive through the fall.

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